Nebraska’s Very Own Juki Dealer

Nebraska now has their very own Juki Dealer! We are very excited about adding Juki to our sewing machine line up.

Juki was established in 1938 and is 180 countries worldwide. Juki provides reliable products:

“Sticking to a “seam” as the essence of a sewing machine, a “stitch” one notch above is offered. The machines not only stitch heavy-weight materials and multi-layered sections of materials, but also change small needle baselines and adjust seam lengths and stitch swings width smoothly and easily along the way. “Quilt” work with designed seams is also finished beautifully. “

We have several models to choose from that will be perfect for your budget. As your Juki dealer, we will help you pick the perfect model by letting you test drive our machines to find the perfect fit.  One of our quilters favorite straight stitch machines is the TL-2010Q.

Juki TL-2010Q

This machine is perfect for that quilter who is looking for great piecing and free motion quilting.

If you are looking for more stitches, one of our best Juki machines is the HZL-NX7,

Juki HZL-NX7 at your Nebraska Juki Dealer

"named Kirei (kee-ray) meaning "beautiful" in Japanese after JUKI's rich heritage".  This beauty has a 12” throat space and has 351 stitches. This machine is also perfect for free motion quilting.

Once you purchase our Juki machines, you will have a one-hour class, one on one with our staff to make sure you are comfortable with your new machine. Classes are very important to all Juki dealers.

Jacob is our certified Juki technician, that is here to help you with service.  Juki machines should be cleaned and oiled by a service technician once a year to make sure the machine runs perfectly.

Stop in today to test drive our Juki machines.  We are happy to be servicing Nebraska as your Juki dealer. 10351 Portal Rd. #111, La Vista, NE 68128, 402-884-2096. www

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