Fabric Quilt Kits

We love our quilt kits! They are fun to put together and super fun to watch others make. Quilt kits include a pattern and enough fabric to make the quilt top.  Some kits also include binding and backing.  You will need to read what is included when making your purchase.

Example of kit description

Example of a kit description.

Quilt kits are worth the purchase if there is a lot of small cuts of many different fabrics that are in the pattern.  Kits can also help with fabric selections.  Some of the kits are exactly the fabrics that are used in the pattern.  Some shops like to add different fabric choices to make it their own. This is also great for the customer; our kits are unique to our store. As a store owner, these are the kits that are fun to put together. Usually, we will have a sample of the kit so you can see the different fabric choices.

Suzanne having fun making kits.

Suzanne having fun making kits.

Quilters like kits because they can save time and money.  Time is saved because you do not have to pick out all the fabrics that are needed for the pattern.  The fabric cuts in the kit are already cut to the length you will need, saving more time. Money is also saved, because the cuts are what you need and not more than what you need.


Some of our favorite quilts include panels. Sometimes quilters do not know what to do with a panel.  Kits are a perfect solution. Included in the quilt kit will be the panel and the coordinating fabric for the pattern. A match made in heaven, panel + pattern + right fabrics = a ton of fun piecing the kit!

Kit made with different fabric than the pattern.

This kit was made from our All Kansas and Nebraska Shop Hop 2022 fabrics.

Once you complete the kit, you will have a pattern that you had fun making, and now you can shop and pick other fabrics that will work for that pattern in a new quilt.  

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Have an awesome quilting day!


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