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Longarm Rental


Dear renters, while we have put this off as long as possible, unfortunately the time has come when we must increase our rental prices to keep up with inflation and the cost of running a business in 2022.

Effective Monday, August 15, 2022 rental prices will increase to $18.50 per hour. This will still include your thread cost.

For sessions booked past August 15th as of July 27th, we will honor the $13.50 since that was the price at the time of booking.

We love our renters and we thank you for the opportunity to continue serving the longarming community with our rental program.

For any questions, please see Cathy or Jacob. Email:


We have 4 APQS longarms for rent. A certification class must first be completed to rent our longarms.

The certification class is in two parts.

The Video (Part One at Home):
Learn how to square up your quilt and remove selvages.
Learn how to attach your quilt top and backing to the zipper system.
Learn how to roll your quilt onto the leader bars.

2-Hour Class (Part Two in Store):
Review how to load your quilt top on the leaders.
Learn how to line up your pantograph. 
Learn how to load your bobbins. 
Learn how to quilt the pantograph using a laser.

Class price is $100.00 plus $44.99 + tax for the zipper system. Cost includes a small panel quilt top, batting, backing, and pantograph for you to learn on and keep. You will need to provide safety pins to attach the fabric to the zipper system. Please stop by to pick up your kit and sign up for a class time on the longarm.

Longarm Rental

Certified quilters can rent our APQS machine for a minimum of 2 hours. You will need to book your time to reserve the machine. Rental sessions are from 9am-1pm and 1pm-close.

The cost to rent our machines is $13.50 per hour.

We have pantographs for you to purchase in the store.


Carpe Quiltem (Seize the Quilt) Memberships:

Hours will accrue on the membership program. You will not lose the hours.. They will continue to accrue until they are used. This program was established to help folks budget money throughout the year and to help with time as well. We here at Fabric Bash are trying to serve our quilting community in the best way possible. We understand that while you are here your time is very important. We are striving to help you quilt in a very timely manner.

Carpe Quiltum Minimus:
$25.00 monthly fee for 2 hours rental a month
($12.50 per hour)

Carpe Quiltem Medius:
$50.00 monthly fee for 4 hours rental and 25% off one pantograph a month
($12.50 per hour)

Carpe Quiltem Maximus:
$75.00 monthly fee for 6 hours rental and 50% off one pantograph a month
($12.50 per hour)