Veterans Day 2021

Veterans Day is always a special day in my heart and the heart of Fabric Bash. As a spouse and a daughter of a veteran, this day is takes on a special meaning.




My father served in the Marine Corps at the end of the Vietnam War. He doesn’t talk too much about his time served, I will always remember his pride for the Marine Corps.



In 1988, I married my husband, who at that time was a newly sworn in second lieutenant in the Air Force.  At that time in my life, Veterans Day was just another day off for my new husband. Our journey started with his first assignment and continued until he retired 20 years later in the summer of 2008.  I never expected to be living in Omaha, NE or have 8 kids.  But, here I am living the dream.

Retirement 2008


Over the years, Veterans day has touched my heart.  Call it getting older, or maybe even living around those who serve. What an amazing group of people. I truly mean that.  Let me say it again, what an amazing group of people. They are courageous, smart, thoughtful, honorable, creative, persevering, and most of all, selfless. As I watch our friends serve and now their children serving, I am so grateful to live in the United States. Our military is second to none. The best of the best.

As a quilt store, we here at Fabric Bash have a great opportunity to give back to our veterans by partnering with an organization called Quilts of Valor Omaha. Quilts of Valor is an organization that makes quilts for our living veterans and gives so much of themselves to thank our veterans. Their quilts exude love and thankfulness. My heart always sings with pride for our country when I see a quilt being given to our Veterans. Year-round we offer a discount for the members of Quilts of Valor to rent our longarm machines and quilt the amazing quilts that are given to our veterans. Tomorrow we will be having a special sale to help raise funds for this great organization.  We will be donating 10% of our sales on Veterans day to Quilts of Valor Omaha.


We will also be taking donations for Patriotic Productions, an Omaha based organization that helps keep Veterans connected, their memory alive if they have passed, and has Honor Flights for our Veterans.  Our hearts were so touched by all the help that Patriotic Productions did for Marine Cpl. Daegan Page when he was returned home and laid to rest this summer. There will be a donation box for this organization as well. Fabric Bash will match the funds up to $500 for patriotic productions.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Cathy, Jacob and Staff 

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Martha Burgos

Martha Burgos

God bless and protect all our veterans and those currently serving. My brother and his 2 sons all served in the Marines so proud of them and all they have sacrifice for this country.

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