Longarm Quilting Services

Longararm quilting services are at the core of what we do at Fabric Bash.  We have a dedicated team and an APQS Millie just for our longarm quilting service. We understand that not everyone wants to longarm quilt their own quilt on one of our rentals.  That's exactly why we decided to offer this service to our quilters. We make the process easy for you!

When you bring your quilt to us for our longarm quilting service, we will do a complete intake form. The main questions asked are:

  • What thread color would you like?  If you do not know, we can make suggestions and actually lay the thread on your quilt so you can make your best choice.
  • What type of quilting design would you like?  We have a big book of designs to pick from. If your struggling with the design choice, we will help by asking some question to help you decide on a design.
  • Is your backing at least 6 inches wider and longer than your quilt top? This is a must for the quilt to be loaded onto the longarm.
  • Do you have any directional requirements?  Sometimes you might want the quilt top, backing of quilting design to be directional.
  • Do you need batting or have you supplied your own batting?
  • Do you want edge to edge, semi-custom or custom quilting?
  • We will also talk about our time table for our longarm quilting services.  We work hard to stay current and complete your quilt in a timely manner.  

Once we complete your intake form, we will make sure your quilt is on a hanger with all the batting, backing and the quilt top.  We take extra care to make sure your quilt is treated with extra care.

I just think it's wonderful. I can drop off my quilt and Fabric Bash will take care of the rest.

Before each quilt is quilted, we clean the longarm and put in a new needle and your thread choice.  This is very important to our longarm quilting service. The quilt will then be loaded onto the longarm.  The Quilt Path program will be uploaded with the design that you picked.

Once the quilt is complete, we will call you to pick it up.  Here too, we make sure your quilt is treated with respect.  

I love every quilt that comes in our store for our longarm quilting servcies.  If you have any questions about our longarm quilting services, please give us a call at 402-884-2096.

You can see our view our price list and gallary on our webpage for more inspirations.


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