Bearded Embroidery

Bearded Embroidery

Bearded Embroidery is coming to Fabric Bash! What is that, you ask.  First, let me give you the back story.

The Back Story

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When we first opened our store, Jacob fell in love with the embroidery part of our business.  He even did some embroidery jobs for Patriotic Productions.  His goal is to get our store a multi-needle embroidery machine.

Then, one day, Dennis, his wife, and granddaughter come into our store.  He purchased a Janome 500E Embroidery machine. Jacob started a conversation about embroidery with Dennis, and an instant connection and friendship began.

The Bearded Embroiders - Dennis and Jacob

Dennis has been doing embroidery since he was 7.  His Grandmother showed him how to do hand embroidery, and he loved it.  He purchased his first machine over 13 years ago.  Dennis now has three embroidery machines and enjoys all the aspects of embroidery, from digitizing to making the design.  He will admit, though, that watching the machine stitch out is his favorite.

A New Friendship - Bearded Embroidery

Jacob and Dennis talked about working together.  Both agreed that working together would be a ton of fun.  We had to come up with a name for this great adventure.  Bearded Embroidery was the perfect name.

What will Bearded Embroidery cover? Everything embroidery.  There will be informational videos for you to learn more about embroidery, from stabilizers, thread, the making of a design, to stitching out a design.  We will have in-store classes, kits to purchase, and online video classes as well. If you want something specific, please let us know.  Bearded Embroidery is here to serve our community.

We have recently become a dealer for Hoop Sisters, an exciting venture for us.  The Bearded Embroidery will be teaching the Embroidablock of the Month, Moroccan Sunset, details are still being stitched out.  We will post the information on our web site and Facebook page as soon as we have them.

We were so fortunate to stop by Hoop Sisters at the International Quilt Market in Houston.  The picture does not do this beautiful quilt justice. I am looking forward to seeing this quilt made!

Cathy and Jacob in front of the Moroccan Sunset Quilt

Keep a lookout too for the Bearded Embroidery Logo.  This journey is going to be a fun one! Hoop on in to join the adventure!

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