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Jacob & Cathy, In-Law Business Partners

In-Law Business Partners

Jacob and I are In-Law business partners.  I am the Mother-in-law and Jacob is my son-in-law. How many In-law business partners there are?  I bet we can count them on our one hand.  In my research for this blog, I ran into this article stating that "Working with your In-Laws isn't always a terrible idea".

How did this partnership happen you ask?

How Fabric Bash started

Well, it really began when Jacob asked Anna to marry him October 31, 2016.  My husband and I just had two of our older daughters get married within the previous year.  Our two oldest son-in-law’s are truly amazing men.  We have been blessed to include them in our family and we were super excited to have Jacob join us.

After the wedding plans were done and they were Mr. and Mrs. we started talking about future things in our lives.  Jacob mentioned how he would love to own his own business.  I had recently started my longarm business out of our home.  I jokingly teased Jacob about being my sewing machine repair guy and we could open our own quilt store. He didn’t laugh too hard at me.

Well, several things fell into place and here we are, owners of Fabric Bash and In-law business partners.   We have been the owners since January 29, 2019.

Learning so much as quilting store owners

These first few months have been a huge learning curve. Jacob was an electrician by trade and knew very little of quilting or sewing before Fabric Bash.  He has been to Janome and APQS training and is now certified to repair those machines. Lots of new words have entered his vocabulary, like half square triangle, quarter inch seam, bias cutting and many, many more quilting terms. It has been so much fun watching him learn and excel at his new trade.  He is a natural.

Most importantly I, too, have learned a new accounting vocabulary: purchase order, asset, gross margin, etc. Me? I am not the  natural Jacob is, but I am learning.

Being In-law business partners requires a lot of understanding, patience and communication.  Not only do we see each other every day at work, but at our family gatherings.  It is a good thing that both Jacob and I have a good sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves and each other. I am sure we will have some real hard struggles in the future. There is a great comfort that we are in this together!

I am overjoyed that Jacob and I are In-law business partners.  We have the support of our spouses, our children and most of all, our in-laws! There is no better feeling in the world. Jacob and I are going for the home run!


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Mary Rae Gibbons

Mary Rae Gibbons

You folks are doing a super job. You make the whole place feel like family.

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