The Omaha Quilting Community

The Omaha Quilting Community - A Special Group

The Omaha quilting community is a very special community full of generous people. Quilters are a very diverse group; some of us are more modern, some traditional, some young, some old, some women, some men. But the one thing we have in common is our love for quilting and helping others. As a store owner I am lucky to see this quilting community in action.

Cozy Corner

There are several groups that meet in our store’s Cozy Corner for charity work.  The charities that they are working for are amazing organizations, that offer services from newborn care, such as Helping Hands,  to assistance for veterans, like Quilts for Veterans.  The fun that these quilting communities have when they are in the store is infectious.  I cannot help but smile while being around these groups.

Fabric Bash class area

Omaha Quilting Classes

Our classes provide another great opportunity for the Omaha quilting community.  Yes, we all know how to quilt, but we love to learn more!  Plus, there is something fun about learning while sitting next to someone who loves quilting as much as you do.  Classes are fun to teach at the store. I learn from the people who are taking the class too!  We all learn differently.  The quilting community is eager to help others learn more about quilting.  I never see people tire or get frustrated with others who struggle to learn.  Here too, the quilting community is so giving of their time and knowledge.


Farm Girl Vintage BOM Class

Longarm Rentals In Omaha

One other area that we are lucky to watch the Omaha quilting community work together is through our longarm rentals.  There are four longarms for rent.  It is so much fun watching folks set up their quilts.  There are introductions, admiration of the quilts that are being completed, and good ole joy and fun.  Sometimes when one person is going to quilt their quilt and they are confused about which pantograph to use, the other quilters will help them pick out the perfect pantograph.  Thread color is another big decision. Here too, the quilting community comes together to help each other out.  When there are tension issues or mistakes made, others will pipe in and talk about their past experiences and offer an encouraging word.

Longarm renters

I love being a part of the Omaha quilting community that gives so much time, talent and treasure to others. If you want to be a part of this quilting world, stop by our store, Fabric Bash, or your local quilt shop to learn more.  I am positive you will always run into a shop owner or quilter who is willing to help you.


Happy quilting,


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