What is a Longarm Quilting Machine?

Have you wondered what a longarm quilting is? A quilt top is made up of fabric that has been cut up and sewn together. In order to make a quilt, that top needs to be sewn to a backing with batting in the middle, also known as a quilt sandwich. The quilter of today has options on how they quilt their quilt sandwich. The “old school” way is to hand sew the quilt. While this is an amazing art that is still practiced today, this does take a long time. The quilter could also use their sit down sewing machine to quilt. This option is great, but it does have its drawbacks. If a quilt is large, it can be hard to feed that through that type of sewing machine. The last option is a longarm quilting machine. This is the fastest option for completing the quilting on a quilt sandwich. The industrial longarm quilting machine has emerged in the past few decades as a tool to help quilting become a more accessible art form.

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In 1871 the first quilting frame was used with a sewing machine. There were two bars that the quilt sandwich can be wrapped around. These bars are then moved around to have the sewing machine quilt. Six years later this system was modified and started to resemble the longarm quilting machines of today. The longarm quilting machine has come a long way since 1871.

The longarm quilting machine can be found in homes today. Someone who owns a longarm quilting machine can have a longarm business. Some choose to only use their longarm quilting machine for their own personal quilts.

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