For the Love of Fabric

Oh, I love fabric! I am so lucky that I get to go to work everyday and be around fabric! Lucky me.

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We are not your typical quilting store. We have four longarm quilting machines that can be rented to quilt your quilt top. We sell things in our store to help get that beautiful quilt top quilted.

Our wide fabric helps you get to the longarm process faster. Most fabric is sold in 42 inch wide fabric. If you have a quilt that is 70 inches by 90 inches, you would need to purchase about 7 ¾ yard of fabric. That fabric needs to be cut and sewn together before the longarming process can begin.

The fabric that we carry is 108 inches wide. This does not need to be cut and sewn together. For a quilt that measures 70 inches by 90 inches, you would need to purchase 2 ½ yards for the backing. There will be no seem in the backing.

We carry different kinds of wide fabric. We have cotton, flannel and minky. Minky is the heaviest and makes for a great backing. Flannel is also a very cuddly fabric. Cotton is always wonderful.

I have made quilts with 42 inch backing and quilts with 108 inch wide. Both are beautiful. I do enjoy finishing my quilt, getting the wide backing ready on my longarm and getting that quilt top quilted.

I use the QuiltingCal to help me calculate the yardage needed for my quilts. You input the width of the backing, the width and length of you quilt top and the app tells you how much fabric you will need.

Come and visit us in our store and see our selection of wide backing fabric. We look forward to talking to you about fabric and about quilting.

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