Week Two

Week two has been full of amazing surprises. It is called paperwork. The first week was great with meeting everyone and just seeing how the place flowed. Now we are in week 2. The backside of business is rising to the top. Paperwork!

Paperwork piling up from week two

While this pile does not look very intimidating. It is. There are many lists among that pile. Each list has several tasks. Crazy times.

Setting up our LLC was a huge learning curve. I would highly suggest anyone who is doing this to hire a lawyer. We would have been lost without ours. To get an idea of what it all is needed to start and LLC, here is a link to show you the beginnings. Click here.

When getting accounts with each vendor the business has to have names, addresses, birthdates, tax numbers, blood sample from my first born child. (Just kidding, but it seems like it). And of course they need inventory lists.

We were blessed with creating new inventory lists when we opened last week. This does take a lot of time. Alot! On one rack alone we have 360 colors of thread. We are still inventorying thread from another manufacturer. Week two and we are almost done with inventory. I have a new profound respect for people whose job is to inventory businesses. They are crazy smart and efficient folks.

The challenge for us in week two is to keep up with the paperwork, having new inventory come in and keep the longarm rental rolling smoothly. While this is a challenge, it has been pure joy.

Week two has brought confidence in the longarm rentals as well. I love chatting with all our customers. I can just sit and watch them work on their quilts. Plus, we have quilt groups that join us for open sews or their quilt groups during the week. I love talking with them as well.

Jake has been amazing with the machine repair and the computer side of the business. His calming personality is perfect for the job. Machines are being fixed and returned to our customers.

We are super excited about the support we are getting from the quilting community. They are super friendly and encouraging folks. Week two has been tiring, happy, exciting, frustrating, but most of all pure joy.

We are looking forward to week three!


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