Our First Days

We have our first days under our belts. It has been amazing.

After our struggle in getting a loan with the government shutdown, getting a notary after hours in Pahrump, NV to validate paperwork, we have our store!

On Monday January 28, 2019 unlocked our doors for the first time. Our first day was exciting and new. The store was closed on that day, so we had time to walk in a soak it all in. It was fun talking about the store, envisioning our goals for the next few days, the next few months and more.

That night for dinner our family that lives in Omaha came for dinner. It was great to see my kids reaction to seeing the store for the first time. Also, Jake’s wife (my daughter) and my husband had not seen the store either. It was so much fun watching my granddaughter play and run in the store. She took the thread and laid them out. Cute.

My family after we purchased the store

That night we went home with a to do list thousands of miles long. Tuesday morning we got there early and tried to wrap our heads around our first day of operating hours. Ten O’clock came and over 10 people came in the door. We both lost track as our heads were spinning. We made it through and every customer was so very kind to us. Machines were running and quilts were being quilted. My heart was singing with great joy. Jake on the other hand was a bit overwhelmed. In a good way! If we did not have Maggie (my 4th daughter) and Sheila (our good friend) helping us, we would not have made it through our first day. Success came on the first day when customers removed their quilts. Pure joy.

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