Unbox Creativity with "Got Your Back Club" - The Ultimate Quilting Companion!

Unbox Creativity with Got Your Back Club - The Ultimate Quilting Companion!

Quilting is not just a hobby; it's an art form that stitches together pieces of fabric and stories to create something magical. And for all you quilt enthusiasts out there, the Got Your Back Club is here to infuse your quilting journey with even more creativity and community spirit. It's more than a subscription box—it's a passage to an enchanted world of quilting where every month is a celebration of new patterns, textures, and unparalleled convenience.

What's in the Box?

Every month, Got Your Back Club hand-selectes an exclusive box that will make your quilting heart skip a beat. Here's a glimpse into what each box unearths, turning an ordinary day into a festival of colors and creativity:



3-Yard Cut of Premium Wide Backing

Each box comes with a 3-yard cut of premium 108-inch wide backing fabric from manufacturers like QT Fabrics. These aren't just any fabrics; they are handpicked from the finest collections, ensuring store quality and the stunning finish that your quilts deserve. 

Handy Notions

The nuisance of depleting your quilting toolkit right when you need it can dampen your spirits. Worry no more! We ensure your notions are replenished with quality, essential quilting items that keep the thimble rolling without a hitch.


Exclusive Tips & Tricks

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned quilter, there's always room for learning and improvement. Got Your Back Club provides exclusive access to expert advice, innovative techniques, and tips on quilting, from the traditional to the latest trends.


Free Block Sew Along

Unleash your creativity and enjoy our free block sew-along. Accompanied by a detailed video tutorial, it's designed to inspire you and spark those innovative quilting ideas that have been waiting to come alive.

Community Support

Subscribers gain entry to an exclusive Facebook Group—a bubbling community of fellow quilters. This safe haven is rich with valuable videos, endless tips, and the kind of support that only those who understand the difference between batting and basting can offer.

Why Join Got Your Back Club?

Joining Got Your Back Club isn't just about receiving a monthly box—it's about becoming part of a growing community that is supportive, innovative, and just as passionate about quilting as you are. It's about not having to worry about the quality and availability of your quilting supplies. It's about giving yourself the gift of uninterrupted creativity every month.

But most of all, it's about the excitement of unboxing that treasure trove of quilting delights that await you. Imagine the anticipation, the textures, the colors, the patterns—it's a monthly surprise that keeps the inspiration flowing and the sewing machine humming.

In a world where every minute matters, the Got Your Back Club ensures you spend more time enjoying quilting and less time fretting over supplies and ideas. This club isn't just about quilting materials; it's about delivering a piece of passion, a slice of support, and a cascade of creativity to your doorstep. It's about time you treat yourself to a membership—it's the perfect companion for every quilter looking to add more patchwork to their life.

Remember to follow us for up-to-date information on the latest box features, and join the community where your quilting adventure gathers momentum. Happy quilting!


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