Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair

One of our most common questions asked: Do you have sewing machine repair?  Our answer is yes, we do. We have taken every avenue to get the most out of all the training available.

Small Sewing Machine Repair in Omaha.

Jacob is a Certified technician for Janome Sewing Machine Repair

 Jacob has attended both the beginning and advance Janome Repair classes back in Mahwah, NJ.  Each course was an intense training over several machines — this time for him to network with others in the industry.  One night, Jacob stayed late and chatted with Mario and Gaz, THE mechanics at Janome.  Their relationship grew.  I can always tell when Jacob is talking with one of these great guys on the phone. Their knowledge is amazing.

Longarm Quilting Machine Repair

Jacob, a Certified APQS Longarm Machine Repair Technician

After the first training class for Janome, Jacob attended a week-long training class in Des Moines at APQS.  The training for the longarm machine was very detailed. After the lessons and lectures on repair, Jacob received a longarm machine that was utterly broken down.  He had several days to fix it.  When Jacob thought the repair was complete, the longarm passed inspection by the department head at APQS.   He did a great job and got the machine running and stitching! Now it was time for a take-home test.  Jacob and I talked about the questions on the test.  Since I could not attend the training myself, Jacob spoke about all that he learned by going over the problems with me.  It took Jacob over a week to complete the take-home test.  He did fantastic on it.  When Dawn told me his score, I was so darn proud of that young man.  He is a natural at this machine repair. With this knowledge, Jacob has been able to work on other brands of longarms.

One other avenue Jacob has sought out is finding a mentor.  He met and talked to the top machine repair guys on the east coast.  This man teaches at many sewing machine conventions and is published as well.  His knowledge of other machines beside Janome has been outstanding.  Jacob enjoys talking with him and will be setting up some time to go and visit him to learn even more.

Sewing machine repair is vital to us.  We continue to learn to serve our sewing machine repair community the best that we can.  Every machine is essential to us. Let us help you get your sewing machine in good working order to finish that project!

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