Join the Carpe Quiltem Club with Our Exclusive T-shirt!

Join the Carpe Quiltem Club with Our Exclusive T-shirt!

Hello, dear quilters! Are you ready to take your quilting passion to the next level? We're thrilled to introduce you to the Carpe Quiltem Club—a community designed just for you, where every stitch and seam brings joy and creativity.

Why Join the Carpe Quiltem Club?

Seize the day—and your needles—with style! When you join the Carpe Quiltem Club, you’re not just getting an exclusive T-shirt but opening the door to a world of fantastic perks and quilting camaraderie.

Carpe Quiltem Member on vacation in the Caribbean!


Exclusive Perks for Members

Every 5th Saturday of the year is a special event for Carpe Quiltem members. Imagine this:

  • Special Discounts 🛍️ Enjoy exclusive discounts on all quilting supplies and materials. Whether you're looking for that high-quality fabric or the latest quilting tool, you’ll find it at a price that makes your heart sing.
  • Community Connections 🤝 Engage with fellow quilters in our vibrant community. Share tips, tricks, and inspirations, and celebrate your masterpieces together. The friendships you’ll form are as enduring as the quilts you create.

Fabric Bash is present at a Colorado Rockies Game! 

How to Join

It's simple! Get your exclusive Carpe Quiltem T-shirt today. Not only will you be wearing a symbol of your quilting dedication, but you’ll also be unlocking a year of delightful quilting experiences.

Steps to Join the Club:

  1. Purchase the T-shirt 💃 Head to our website and grab your Carpe Quiltem T-shirt.
  2. Receive Confirmation 📧 Once you’ve purchased, you'll receive a confirmation email with your membership details.
  3. Start Enjoying the Perks ✨ Mark those 5th Saturdays on your calendar and get ready to indulge in the wonderful world of quilting discounts and community fun.

Carpe Quiltem Club members at the Omaha Quilt Show

Treat Yourself to Quilting Rewards

Isn't it time you treated yourself? You deserve it! With the Carpe Quiltem Club, you'll enjoy a year's worth of quilting delights. The special discounts, the sense of community, and the joyous quilting challenges are all waiting for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your quilting journey.

Get Your T-Shirt Today!

Ready to join the fun? Click [here] to get your exclusive Carpe Quiltem T-shirt and start enjoying all the amazing perks we have in store for you.



We can't wait to welcome you to the Carpe Quiltem Club. Let's make every quilt a masterpiece, one stitch at a time!

Happy Quilting,

Fabric Bash

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