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The pantographs on our website are digital only and are used for Fabric Bash customer quilts only.

At first pantograph was a strange word to me. Now, a word I use every day. I love shopping for them, buying them and using them.

A quilting pantograph is a design that is a continuous line design that can be digital or printed on a piece of paper that is 10 to 12 feet long. These pantographs are then used to quilt a design in the quilt sandwich.

Digital pantographs are used with computerized longarms. The designs can be manipulated by the computer to fit a certain length and width. The designer of the pantograph will tell the quilter the parameters that are best suited for each design. When the quilter is using digital pantographs they are working from the front the longarm. The pantograph is usually worked from the left to right. Once the pantograph is complete, the quilt is rolled and ready for the next row.

Pantographs are printed on paper. The pantograph is printed in the height that is best for the design. The pantograph will be laid on the longarm table. A laser that is attached to the longarm will help the quilter guide the machine along the design. Paper pantographs are worked from the back of the longarm. The quilter will work from right to left. When you reach the edge of the quilt, you will roll the quilt and begin again.

Our rental machines use paper pantographs. We have them for sale at our store. Please stop by to see all of the different designs.

We look forward to helping you with your pantograph or panto that you choose for your beautiful quilt. Hopefully you will catch the panto bug too!