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My First Row Along

My First Row Along

I am excited to be participating in my first Row Along with Marian at Seams to Be Sew.  I have learned a great deal from this experience.


Being a new shop owner, I have been on a steep learning curve over the past year. One of my goals was to start writing patterns.  We are fortunate to have a laser cutter, so I wanted my patterns to include applique. The row along was a great opportunity got achieve my goal.


First one needs to have an idea.  Then I have to write my pattern, pick my fabrics, and sew my block.  It is amazing how much my block has changed from idea to the finished product.   I love flowers, so this was going to be a lot of fun. 


My first draft is very rough.  I was rather disappointed at first. I had to step away and let my brain think some more.



I am also a longarmer at heart.  I live, breathe, and eat longarming.  Dreams about longarm quilting fills my nights.  Naturally, I wanted to include longarm quilting into my block.  This got me excited again.  Now I had a better plan, use part of the first draft, mesh it with longarming.  I was very excited.


Here is my final product.  I have very excited about my block.  I love the half square triangles for the background, and the fun whimsical longarming around the applique.  A bit of tradition, applique and modern look all in one.

 Row Along Block  

Each individual designer blocks are so much fun to see.  That is part of the fun, the other is Marian is having free giveaways.  Please read all the rules before you participate, this is very important for you.  The give away for us is a Hoffman Me + You Fat Quarter Bundle!  How cool is that.  I absolutely love the black and white. If you win this giveaway, you will be responsible for the $3 shipping charge.  This is a great bundle!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and look at the pattern.  I hope you enjoy the block pattern, and most of all the Row Along!

 Hoffman FabricsME+YOU



  • The flowers on the half square triangle are so cute! And of course, the text adds the perfect finishing touch, you did well!

    Pamela Boatright
  • Love your cute little block! Keep up the good work. Thanks for your generosity.

    Linda Garcia
  • Thanks for sharing your delightful block!

  • Cute row pattern with coneflowers! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on your first row along.

    Sharon Andersen
  • What a wonderful block of blooms. Congratulations of branching out in your endeavors. Looking forward to seeing more of you in our wonderful little online quilting world


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